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  • A dead-simple app for quickly accessing your Readability reading list for those idle moments throughout your day.

    Matt Elliott, CNET
  • It's handy when you're waiting in line, on a lunch break, or you just have a few minutes to kill.

    Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker
  • A novel time-based Readability reader for iOS that's great for killing a few minutes in queues, on public transport...

    Jack Mottram, One Thing Well
  • 読まずにスルーしがちなウェブ記事を読むように働きかけてくれるアプリというのは、珍しいアプリだと思います。

    Lifehacker Japan

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  • Connect with Readability and Pocket
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  • Swipe articles to archive for later
  • Share articles via email, Twitter & more
  • Syncs for offline reading
  • Distraction-free reading experience

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